"I was of three minds when one bracket tells a thousand items all changes level and composition."


"I Was of Three Minds" is a series of new machine learning artworks by RAY LC and STUDIO FOR NARRATIVE SPACES. Taking the perspectives of human-machine interaction, new media, and narrative design, this exhibition explores the way humans and machines interpret each other in narrative environments. Works include "Catch and Release" (four pieces of dance performances interpreted by computer vision), "Home Alone" (ML latent space traversal meditation on interior spaces both high and low in Hong Kong), "Imitations of Immortality" (GPT-2 generated poetry), "FLORA" (a digital landscape interactive with Jeff Crouse), "DRIZZLE" (a ML-supplemented manga magazine designed for psychology of climate change action), "Artistic Intelligence - Analyst" (interactive sculpture that talks to you in LED language when you're near), and "Sound Of(f)" (t-SNE-based music fragment interaction for perceiving related content in sound collections or sound fragments within a piece). "Catch and Release," "Home Alone," and "Sound Of(f)" were then reworked for installation at Osage Gallery titled I'm Always There.


A machine learning exhibition by Studio for Narrative Spaces

Curated  by Zijing SONG

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People: RAY LC, Zeynep Erol, Eray Ozgunay, Anthon Zhang, Yating Sun, Zijing Song

Time: 2021

Venues: Floating Projects, Jockey Club Creative Arts Center