Connected Gaze: A Online Participatory Performance System

People: Xiying BAO, Zijing SONG, Hao LI, RAY LC

Year: 2021. 9

Venues: CHI 2022 (Full paper submitted)

Performing arts communities have been hit hard by the recent pandemic, leading to shifts in performance form and experience. In this paper, we conducted a first-phase interview to investigate how social distancing has influenced performers and to understand their distant performing experience and their relation with audiences. We propose Gaze, a participatory interactive system for online performance to intervene in the distant performance situation. It allows for engaging audience participation in real-time dance performance by letting audiences take control of the pointing light and perspective of watch online. In the second-phase interview, we examine how this system mediates the relation between performers and audiences and how it influences performers’ performing strategies in a distant context. While we provide insights that guide towards interactive technology for distant performance, our prototype illustrates the potential for participatory interactive systems to increase engaging interaction and express artistic concepts that go beyond traditional performance forms.

Performance Technology


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