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Year: 2024

Type: Computer-animated short, Interactive art (ongoing) 

Artists: Zijing Song, Christian WAGNER


Project Description

"SAIENTIENT?" is a computer-animated short film co-directed by human and AI directors. It explores the potential of AI in cultural heritage preservation, using Hong Kong's intangible cultural heritage, the Taiping Qingjiao festival, as its focal point. The film examines AI's role in revitalizing and reinterpreting human traditions, prompting viewers to consider the implications of technological dependency. Will AI evolve to surpass humanity's intelligence, and if so, what will our future look like? "SAIENTIENT" presents a nuanced exploration of the utopian and dystopian possibilities of technological integration. It challenges us to reflect on how we navigate the intersection of tradition, innovation, and AI in shaping our collective identity and future.

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